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The success of any blog post rests on its capacity for networking with other websites, and almost everyone is aware of this. Lately, blogging has become a highly lucrative business particularly for people who pay attention to topics and have loyal readers. Creating a blog network is likely to be a very tricky venture yet not too complicated in its entirety. If you receive proper training for the same and gain the needed experience in SEO, you can create a private blog network successfully. In fact, all that is required are the right tools and a good advice for pointing to point you in the right direction. In order to build your brand and develop your online presence with ease, it’s crucial to know the tactics of building a PBN¬† also known as a private blog network. It is the finest means of earning money online getting a high ranking on search engines.

Tips to Consider

Below is a step by step guide that will help you in creating private blog networks that will be indexed by Google and won’t get you penalized.

  • Buying Domains- First and foremost, when you create a private blog network, it is best to purchase a functional domain. Although using a blog building site like WordPress and others is perfectly fine, it’s better to have a domain that is original. A domain is important in order for the site to look natural. People who are already aware of the ways of building a blog network will agree that this is the most vital part of the process. Always ensure to buy a domain that is of superior quality. It means having a domain which is spam-free and does not link to questionable websites like international and gambling sites. Search for a domain which possesses a good Google history and a decent age. You can purchase domains from auction sites or find domains that will soon expire or have already expired


  • Host your Domains- If you want to create an effective private blog network, you need to have about 100-200 blogs or above under your name. Add new sites slowly as your site gains more traffic and start building backlinks. Ensure that various servers host every site which will make the website appear natural and get indexed by search engines. Look for websites that provide multiple hosting and add domains about 10 or less per host. Spread your sites over different hosts is important to make them appear more trustworthy and natural. Besides changing the title of the website to complement the niche which you are working on, you should also attach the domain name which you bought it. It is good to keep away from any hosting provider which offers SEO hosting services. SEO hosting has some downsides with the primary issue being it will not provide the security required for keeping the software of the private blog network running. Search engine optimization hosting will put you at risk to get penalized and de-indexed.
  • Edit the Website Content– Your domain must relate to the target niche as that makes it simpler to naturally create good backlinks. That is however severely hampered via the accessibility of domain names of high quality which means you are required to change the content yourself. This task will be easy if you possess the necessary experience in web programming. You will require changing the title, meta tags and also the page description to cater to the content of your niche. Besides you need to provide fresh, unique content which is related directly to your niche and include relevant keywords. For best results always use keywords combined¬† with the captions used in the image.


  • Install Various Forms of Software on Every Blog Site– While installing software for new link building, it is best to go with various forms for every website. For example, install different types of software and from multiple sources. This way security breach or a huge bug will only affect a few sites and not the private blog network in its entirety. You can buy link building packages only from reliable software providers. To get the best link provider, you need to consider a few points before hiring one- the reputation of the company and its history. Most importantly, look for a company that has good experience in this field.


  • Avoid Questionable Software when it comes to Link Building– At some point in time, you will need to outsource link building for adding better diversity to the software roster. Outsourcing will be an excellent way for getting new content and improving the private blog network’s health, but this can be dangerous mainly if you are not sure of the service quality which the software offers. There are a couple of factors that you need to consider to save your website from getting de-indexed as well as losing the page rankings. First, remove all spammy behavior which will hurt your site. Keep away from automated emails because it is viewed as a suspicious activity and search engines will flag that. Also, avoid any form of link building software which exclusively uses Google’s PageRank. Last but not the least, any link building software which gets indexed via search engines or receives queries which are not accessible will be questionable and must not be trusted.


  • Link Responsibly– While building backlinks, it is always vital to link responsibly. Link to websites which will aid you in building up the page rank. Add links to other websites as well mainly websites that are authentic and already received a massive amount of traffic. Those links are known as authority links and they comprise of government sites, dictionary sites, Wikipedia, scientific journals and the like. For making the links believable, it is vital to balance the website and ensure that the content is plagiarism free which means 100% unique. To make your content unique and exciting add good images and YouTube videos. Edit the content thoroughly to avoid spelling mistakes, typos, and grammatical errors. Make your own banners or logos. Finally, add some content to your website which does not have any links as this will help in balancing your site and create an excellent private network.

  • Avoid Interlinking within the Private Network- To build a quality PBN or private blog network that you can use as a great SEO tool, your network must be flawless. So, avoid interlinking with other pbns. Use anchor text together with the main keywords and ensure that you differentiate between them. Besides you have to combine different types of blog and web comments to solidify the anchor text further in your content. The variation here plays a crucial role.


  • Provide Great Content– Offer content which can be indexed easily according to the selected niche topic. Also, ensure that the articles have a good headline which will excite the readers and is related directly to the chosen niche. Do not forget to add sub-heads and keep the language direct and straightforward.

Just follow these tips and you will build an effective private blog network in no time.