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If you think PBN or Private Blog Network are not useful in the present time, you are wrong because the truth is they are. Earlier, PBNs were used to create niche sites thus were regarded as a vital and powerful SEO tool. Along with being necessary, they were quite effective as well. Building a private blog network can be confusing and complicated because it has an array of elements that can have to carefully handled in order not to result in a failure.

This article will throw light on a couple of topics – the meaning of PBN, why it’s important, tips to find the expired domains, why the domain is always authoritative, tips to select your content, ways to test the PBN domain, how to do outbound linking from the PBNs and the resources needed. So, get ready to step into the world of a public blog network.

PBN or Private Blog Network Defined

Simply put, a private blog network is a series of domain that anyone can own. It may have free blogs which may not have much power like that of self-hosted blogs. Hosted blogs are also called non-free blogs. A PBN, in a nutshell, comprises of expired domains. The reasons for that can be many, including financial constrains or sometimes the owner just forgets to renew it.  Usually the domain contains proper information and it can be useful to the new owner in multiple ways. During its time the domain may have been highly active as well as attracted high traffic. The owner for some reason decided to leave the domain and lets the registration expire. Anyone at this point can buy the domain at an affordable price, re-register the same and own it. There are were very few Public Networks because people were not allowed to purchase guest posts or links. Google later decided to reduce the value provided by backlinks to sites. In return, it became easier to identify them and make them more accessible which later led to creation of  private blog networks.

Reasons to Create a PBN

One of the biggest reason to create a PBN is because you can control the content and the domain links. The best part is you can design a private blog network to specifications that suit your exact needs. Any expired domain for that matter is more powerful compared to a new domain, because it will have more links and will also be able to pass higher link juice over a new domain due to the following reasons:

  • Google places some value on old domains because it is more authoritative and acquires higher links.
  • Next is the backlink’s general makeup to a domain. That is vital as it will check on different things. The check will include if the link will permit following or not, whether the link will allow comment, the source of the link, whether it is a page title or comes from an image, whether the location of the link is in a page or a post and the complete IP address.

Tips to Get Expired Domains

The process to identify and acquire high quality domains is indeed complicated. Take a look at some of the basic tips to get expired domains:

  • net- This site will regularly offer you with a catalog comprising of expired domains. There are a couple of domains that drop daily, but despite this, a fraction of it is regarded valuable or considered useful for creating effective private blog networks. It is quite likely that you may come across domains having high statistics yet often these may be for spamming purposes. Here the best step will be to sign on with the most popular It is here where you will receive the filtered list comprising of high quality highly rated domains.
  • Check Backlinks and Utilize the Wayback Machine- It will provide you with the history of a domain. It is the Wayback machine that will review the archived pages and the backlink profile.
  • Bluechip Backlink- This will serve as a broker as it will deal with a domain’s vetting as well as history checking. The Bluechip Backlink will sell the domain to you and cut down the hustle thus you can invest more time to build a faster private blog network.

  • Domain Re-animator- It will help to rebuild a domain and prove handy in spam detection, boost up speed and is also easy to use. Just as Bluechip Backlinks this again is hosted online and is effective with regards to getting a domain faster. The best part about the Domain Re-animator is you will not have to invest limited time to use it which means payback to yourself if you happen to be in the business of domain brokering.
  • PBN HQ- This tool will help you in discovering high authority PBN, taking away the hustle to find an expired domain. It uses its in-house tool for filtering and acquiring the finest tool through the spam checking process which has seven stages. The perks of using PBN HQ is that it will cut down the time invested in checking the domain, there is no risk, guaranteed results and has high authority.
  • Hammerhead Domain- It will provide a list of unregistered yet filtered domains for free with high authority. Hammerhead domain will be the right choice if you are on a budget. But since the domain is not free from spam, you will need the other tools to check them. You can either create a free account or get a paid one. Even the premium account is affordable, and will provide you with a filtered list which makes finding high authority links easier.
  • Content and the Theme- The content needs to be original and unique in order to stand out from the crowd. It should not be available on other sites. Remember that the content must have a flow and should have a connection with the contents written earlier. For every domain, your theme must be unique and fresh. It is highly advisable to use simple themes which permit full-text display on a home page.

Ways to Test your PBN Domain

After completing the steps mentioned above, testing the domain is extremely crucial. It will take about 6-7 days, and it is essential in performing a test separately on every domain. Take a look at these steps to test your PBNs.

  • Identify a third-party site in your niche.
  • Identify a keyword which is on top of page 2.
  • Check the keyword which is sensitive to the link along with the right choice to anchor text
  • The page 2 must offer other related keywords

The Outbound Links

An outbound link is the reason why you created the PBN, and this includes getting a high authoritative domain for linking your money site. You should, however, be very careful while linking the domain into your money site. Remember not every content must be linked with your domain.

So, now you know what a private blog network is and how it can help you. If this seems to difficult for you, you can always hire a professional to handle this task for you or entirely outsource your SEO and enjoy peace of mind.